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Multi-Purpose Drill Bits

Multi-Purpose Drill Bits

1) Product: Multi-purpose drill bits sanding finish
for rotary or percussion drilling
chrome vanadium steel shank for enormous strength
cobalt and tungsten carbide tip
ideal for cordless drills, corded drills and drill presses
available in an assortment of popular sizes and sets

2)Pictures of Individual multi-purpose drill bit

3-flat reduced shank multi-purpose drill bit

Skinned card of multi-purpose drill bit

Multi-purpose drill bits in sandwich packing

3) 13pcs of multi-purpose drill bits for sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" by 1/32" increments

4) 7pcs/set of multi-purpose drill bits

5) RPM
Please follow the speed and technique instructions below
Hardened Steel and Iron            2000—4000 RPM (Lubricant)
Masonry/Concrete                 2000—4000 RPM (Percussion)
Stainless Steel                    1500—2500 RPM (Coolant)
Glass/Tile/Granite                  300—600 RPM
Plastic and Laminates               300—600 RPM
Solid Surface Materials              300—600 RPM
Wood and Composite                500—1000 RPM